2016 EDC Essentials PT 1: The Multi-Tool (Wave vs. Signal)- Preparedmind101

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INTRO TO SERIES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yk14Y2E3Neg

2016 is here and we are starting from the ground up with the first of several new series. The foundation of preparedness is what you carry with you. This series is for people starting out to help cut through the endless reviews out there. So in Part 1, I methodically break down two top contenders and show that what many people took as the clear winner at first glance, may not actually be so.

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38 thoughts on “2016 EDC Essentials PT 1: The Multi-Tool (Wave vs. Signal)- Preparedmind101”

  1. I understand your concept. But don't the 2 tools weigh more than the wave? Granted, the weight is more distributed I'm looking at getting a Leatherman. I'm leaning towards the Wingman

  2. I have yet to see the signal and i can tell right away ill probably lose those yellow attachments in about .2 seconds, lol.but untill i do they will help me find the tool if i drop it well that is if i dont paint them first. that said it has all the basics i like. the heavy duty scissors the glasses screw driver would seal the deal 300% but aye i like the substitute idea even though it is two. But the one thing that sells the light duty hammer and i always need a light hammer almost as much as an awl. Dont need and never have needed ridiculous drivers openers i always have carried a military can opener so that stuff is all junk i never used, not even before screw caps because most hard things anything can pop a top. But anyway i wanted to say nice review and while i had to warm up to it a bit i think this is my best purchase. the combo that is. if the surge just had the light hammer pommel clip.

  3. hay PreparedMind as much as I love a good Leatherman, have a Leatherman Blast idk for sure need to check. Anyway I have only needed pliers once but not since then. So I chose a SAK Farmer. What do u think?

  4. 13:30 Yay! Leatherman Micra! Mine is inside my IFAK, and paired with a Rebar, I think for the price and the weight, it's the best tool combo from Leatherman out there. Rebar can even accommodate a removable bit driver! So I can use all the Leatherman bits I have bought for my Wave and all the others 6 sided bits commonly found in all hardware stores. Wave is a good tool, but now, it's collecting dust now i discovered the Rebar/Micra "classic" way.

  5. The thing with the signal for me is that blasted combo edge. I prefer plain edge knives but a combo edge is less useful than either in my experience. The wave has a great fully serrated edge that blasts through rope. If I'm carrying a multi tool I'm probably also carrying a plain edge knife anyway.

  6. The thing is many people don't care about the firesteel and the oul, becouse they don't do bushcraft/camping/outdoors stuff. And mainly, the Wave is 10 times more beatiful and wave is a cool name.
    Almost forgot, that plastic and tiny tools in the signal make it looks inferior and easy to loose that or not work in that tinny size. sorry for the english. haah

  7. +PREPAREDMIND101 with all due respect man you are really really stretching here lol you're suggesting that we should carry 2 separate tools just to equal one Wave when carrying the Micra with the Signal cancels out the weight advantage of just carrying the signal. in my personal opinion the Wave and the Surge are too heavy for EDC the signal looks ok but having no Scissors is a deal breaker and if i have to also carry the micra on my keychain i may as well carry the Wave or better yet the Leatherman Wingman

  8. I really like this format… I so appreciate the explanation why you choose one over another (or better yet best of three). AND.. your point is well taken that you want people to understand that their decisions on buying items need to be based on what their detailed needs are.. GREAT job. I look forward to seeing more.

  9. Dude that Stamped blade of yours at the end of the video is right sweet wow nice choice is there a review for that blade! that is just the right size to carry where are they at! you have something there too like jess x great job over all a super high 5

  10. Great vid and choices of sidearms! You should've covered all tools on the Signal, since you seemed to have done that with the Wave. It should be easy enough to reconfigure the large flat head screwdriver on the Wave into an awl. Do you really carry the skinning knife on a daily basis?

  11. The blade on the Signal is a bit daft. The serrated bit is so short it's almost useless. Plus, you want the serrations on the belly of the blade, where most rope and fabric cutting occurs, and the fine edge close to the handle, cause that's the bit you use to carve things with the best blade control. Victorinox got this one right.

    Secondly, Leatherman MTs are designed mostly for use around the home or at work. That's why the Wave has a file. It gets used a lot. The Signal is indeed oriented more towards the outdoors, so it doesn't have the file. It depends on what you want to do with the MT, but to be honest, if you want something for outdoor and camping use, use Victorinox.

    I will agree that the Signal has better pliers, even though i prefer the shape of the Wave pliers, but that's just a cosmetic thing. The thing is, my dad has pliers that have to be at least 25 years old. They still cut fine. If you bend the cutting edges on the Wave, then you're really misusing them. I have no doubt that for normal, average use, the Wave pliers will last for the entire tool lifetime.

    And even though you need to buy a pocket clip for the Wave, it does come with a sheath. This "it's too heavy for pocket carry" point is a bit moot, since you don't have to carry it in your pocket.

    Also… confirmation bias. You say both the Wave and the Signal have the same bit driver. Then you say the Wave doesn't have anything over the Signal when what you should be saying is that they're both even. And then you go on to say the Signal is better even though both of them have the exact same capability. Actually, no. That's not true. Where is the small glass repair screwdriver on the Signal, pray tell?

    The awl, however, is probably the most wanted feature on a Wave. Leatherman should have included it.

    The large flathead screwdriver is actually best used as a prying tool. I use it all the time.

    The small glasses screwdriver can be very useful around the office or house. Because that's what the Wave is for. Not for the outdoors.

    And when it comes to the scissors, you're just cheating. If you add the Micra to the mix, then the Wave is lighter. You also introduce a lot of redundancy and a lot of tools you don't need. By introducing that Micra, you're turning your system into everything you dislike about the Wave. Also, can you keep your keys plus the Micra plus the Signal in one pocket? And it's a better solution that the Wave? I doubt it.

    So addressing your conclusion, the Signal's pliers aren't that much superior to the Wave. Adding the Micra to the mix pushes the weight above the Wave's. It's not lighter, it's not easier.

    I can go on and on, but i'll leave it at that. I know where you're coming from and i understand why you prefer the Signal over the Wave. What i'm trying to say is that, for starters, you're comparing apples with oranges, and secondly, you aren't making very good arguments. The Wave is meant for handy work and it's much better equipped for that than the Signal, which is designed for the outdoors, which it's better at than the Wave. And then, to compensate, you bring the Micra into the mix, which makes the Wave lighter. It introduces redundant tools you don't need, something you dislike about the Wave.

    Just say you like the Signal more and that it fits your needs better than the Wave. It's alright to say that. But in any case, this is a very good showcase for both multi tools, so thumbs up for that.

  12. For my needs, I find the Wave to be better by far. As an EDC, I find the file to be absolutely indispensable, and use it all the time. I actually used it once to cut through a 3/8" chain to retrieve a trailer that was locked inside an enclosure. I find the TWO knife blades to be good redundancy, and the best of both worlds. The pliers on both function the same, and one is no better than the other. As far as the wire cutters, it may be nice to have them be replaceable, but in all honesty, I rarely find myself cuttin hardened wire with those tiny jaws, but they have been used to trim soft copper wire on a trailer coupling, which I would suggest is about as much work as they're likely to see. The scissors are very useful for a quick nail trim if you tear one, or other small tasks, and have no issue with the size. If a building collapses on you, a multitool isn't going to dig you out, but for quick tasks, it's not a lifesaver, but it's a great convenience.

  13. As you stated, the most three important concepts for the multi-tool are carry-ability, pliers, and screwdrivers. That's why I use the Leatherman Carbon Skeletool. Very thin, a bit of frame support by carbon fiber so it's very light, nice pliers, bitted screwdrivers, 154CM plain edge knife, biner/bottle opener for fast attachment to loops, and a pocket clip. Covers the most important concepts, and is easy to carry in your pocket as a Rat Model 1. I've carried a Leatherman since they were released. When the Wave released, I switched from the original to the Wave. When the Skeletool came around, I was nervous about switching because of the decreased functionality of the tool. After reviewing my Leatherman usage, I switched to the Skeletool and have not looked back. I carry the Skeletool clipped in my pocket and the lack of the old bulky leatherman belt case has given me room to clip my Izula II or Esee 3. When weighing emergency time priorities, I will take a small Esee over a pair of scissors or a tiny saw every time. Scissors seem to be the most important when preforming first-aid. That's why I keep my Leatherman Micras in my first-aid kits.

  14. Good god man! It takes dedication to shoot outdoors in January! And considering that you're in a Great Lakes state…you might as well be in the Arctic Circle! I'm shivering just watching this vid! I wish I could hit the Thumbs Up twice! lol

  15. Whatever people say about fair comparisons, not even scientists agree on the parameters to measure compared items. I like your demos because they sound sincere and practical to me. In fact, I have followed your opinions on flashlights once or twice and I am very happy with the purchases I made. Thanks for this video, Very well done!

  16. I agree that that the Signal has superior wire cutters being 154 cm and replaceable, but I still believe the Wave has a more precision pliers head over the Signal. I generally prefer a separate straight edge blade and a serrated blade rather than the Signal's Combo blade. Combo blades can be difficult for the average person to sharpen and the cutting surface is confused and limited. I feel the whistle, sharpener and ferro rod are gimicky. The ferro rod appears to only be usable a few times before needing replacing. The Whistle is too limited, buy a designated whistle that is more effective. I keep crock sticks in the pack for sharpening in the field, that short little nib of diamond file is laughable. I checked the price range on the Signal $89-$110 versus the Wave at $79-$89. Personally, for price paid and the tool set package of both multi tools, I would choose the Wave.

    I enjoyed listening to your thought process on comparing the tools. I believe you made your case, I just happen to not agree with your conclusions. Lastly, the Signal is controversial with about 50% liking it and about 50% not. The Wave is proven over more than a decade by a majority of Leatherman consumers/fans. This is evidenced by the millions of Wave Multi Tools sold.

  17. I understand the video but I don't understand the point. Is this all not relative? I have carried the MUT with me everyday for over 10 years. Yeah it's a bit on the heavy side but it's functions in regards to assisting with the care and maintenance of my firearms make it extremely valuable to me. I don't think it comes across well when you say that if you speak slowly and clearly people will understand that what your saying is right. I wouldn't trade my MUT for all four of those tools in this video.

  18. I think this is highly dependent on your needs. There is no "better;" only better for one person or the other. For example; for me, a file is very important. I enjoy metal and woodworking, both finer woodworking, and green woodworking, and I like to travel and bring a small number of tools with me. I like to have a file so I can smooth things, resharpen or reprofile some of my tools, or do very minor metal shaping (I've needed to do things like cut off and smooth nails to make pins, for example). A file is essential for my use. I also really hate serrated blades; I do not use them. The fact that the signal puts a serrated edge right where I would be carving or doing other tasks using the strong of the blade is a huge turnoff for me.

    Now, if those features meet your needs, then great! It's the best tool for you. But it doesn't meet mine.

  19. You made a big deal of the weight equation but you never gave us a total weight of the Signal plus the Micra compared to the wave. (Thank goodness for the 2nd and 22nd Amendments)

  20. While I like the way you went point by point explaining the differences and/or superiority of each piece, when you get to the point about adding a Micra, for some people that's a major turn off. The Wave can be had for between $60-80, usually goes for around $70 depending on where you get it. The Signal (which is my choice, I should add–I fully plan on upgrading from my Wingman (has served me five years without many issues) goes for $100 on the cheap end. The Micra goes for between $20-40. So that's if we go lowball across the board, you could have TWO Waves for the price of ONE Signal and Micra. Or step it up and get a MUT or similar.

    For me, that did more harm than good in trying to sway people to the side of the Signal.

    Anyroad, so far so good, keep up the good work, and yeah.

  21. Hey Chris, can you do a review on the book THE LOST WAYS by Claude Davis? Or quickly tell me what you think. I trust your judgement. Tnx and more power! Keep vlogging.

  22. O.K. I think I've got the argument down here. All the tools the Wave has that the Signal does not, you don't use. Therefore the Signal is better. When you add the Micra to it. Compelling.

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