2015 Commercial – #RealStrength Ad | Dove Men+Care

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90% of men around the world say that their caring side is part of their masculinity and strength. Dove Men+Care acknowledges the caring side of men and celebrates their #RealStrength as a true sign of masculinity.

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18 thoughts on “2015 Commercial – #RealStrength Ad | Dove Men+Care”

  1. My father is my Hero, I learned from him and went into the same trade as him. I got to work with him and he got to see me as a forman over him and surpass him in knowledage and skill. Now he is retired and I support him and love him, and buy him all the thing he deserves, 60 TV, addition to his house, pay his bills, do the work around the house. Becuase when I was young I gave him a hard time but he never gave up on me and I remember being 3 years old and him being a great father to me, fishing, swimming, teaching me how to use his tools, how to be kind, how to be strong. That was my father.

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