33 thoughts on “17 WAYS TO SAVE MONEY IN 2017”

  1. I have received $3200 in cash, airline tickets, hotel stays from credit card company's in the 14 years I've had a credit card. I have not paid a penny in interest since 2009. Credit card rewards are great as long as you're smart with your money.

  2. I really appreciate your work. it looks like you are really into it and not faking it. It looks like money saving is your passion. I really have saved a lot of money by being minimalistic

  3. Some of these tips are great, I really loved it. But you know, at work we go for coffee or lunch or drinks after work part of socialising and if i say no I'll end up being the introvert.

  4. It isn't always expensive to buy raw meat. The most expensive is beaf and packed/contained meat. But chicken and pork (e.g. stake) that isn't packed are pretty cheap. That's in Greece where I live.

    Also hobbies such as painting are expensive because paint paper ect are expensive.

  5. Like and share the full documentary Overpriced so everyone can save money 🙂 You can find Overpriced in my channel lots of solutions to save money! The cost of living could be so cheaper so the cost to travel can be cheaper and save lives! I've never been on an airplane, corrupt government is keeping the cost of living high and preventing the cost of energy and other things from being cheaper so everyone can save money.

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