14 Biblical End Times Events in the Beginning of Jewish Year 5776


14 Biblical End Times events in the Beginning of Jewish Year 5776

1. “Only 500 days away from Climate Chaos!” – French Foreign Minister.
2. An Asteroid may hit the Gulf of Mexico.
3. CERN is opening up the parallel universe – Bottomless Pit on 23 Sept.
4. Canadian troops train alongside with US and Britain miliitaries in Canada.
5. Jade Helm 15 – The largest military drills ever perform in US domestic soil. Kill plans are exercising from 15 July until 15 Sept.
6. Closing of 6,000 plus Supermarkets in US and Canada and those stores are said to be controlled by the military in Sept in Canada.
7. Sept 23 and 28 are very special dates. It is the 50th year of Jubilee. 49 years (7×7) have passed from and after Israel won the 6 days war in Jerusalem. And it has fulfilled the Prophecy of Daniel 9:25
8. Sept 13, 2015 is the Shemitah Year described by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, and Finance Collapse is expected to approach.
9. Many Hollywood movies have repeated signs and signals about Sept 23, 2015.
10. Underground dens are well constructed and exposed. Many elites are disappearing on the ground now.
11. Sept 28 is the last Blood Moon of the Tetrad (Four Blood Moon)
and it’s gonna be a Super Blood Moon rising up in Jerusalem and it will be the Feast of Tabernacle.
12. The UN will urged Israel to split the holy land into a 2 states nation, targeting to share the land of Israel with Palestine in this Sept.
13. The Pope is coming to America on Sept 23 , 2015. Some said “Pope’s admitting the arrival of Aliens” maybe covering up the coming Rapture Event.
14. Latest Bible Code : “Asteroid” “5776” “Warning’ “God your Lord” “Jubilee”


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