10 Upcoming PS4 OPEN WORLD GAMES to Buy in 2016

This is the 10 Upcoming PS4 OPEN WORLD GAMES to Buy in 2016. Do you have any interest in these games? Comment below whether or not you agree or disagree with the list! Thank you for watching.

More info about the games present in this countdown-

Final Fantasy XV-
Final Fantasy XV (Japanese: ファイナルファンタジーXV Hepburn: Fainaru Fantajī Fifutīn?) is an upcoming action role-playing video game being developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and currently scheduled for a worldwide release in 2016.

Horizon Zero Dawn-
Horizon Zero Dawn is an upcoming action role-playing video game in development by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 in 2016. It will be the first intellectual property developed by Guerrilla Games since Killzone in 2004 and will be the studio’s first attempt in developing a role-playing game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst-
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is an upcoming open-world action-adventure platform video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. It is a reboot of 2008’s Mirror’s Edge and will revolve around Faith’s origin and her attempt to overthrow a totalitarian conglomerate of corporations who rule the city of Glass.

No Man’s Sky-
No Man’s Sky is an upcoming adventure survival video game developed and published by the indie studio Hello Games. Players are free to explore the entirety of a procedurally generated deterministic open universe, which includes over 18 quintillion (1.8×1019) planets, many with their own set of flora and fauna.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance-
Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an upcoming role-playing video game, set in the 15th century medieval Kingdom of Bohemia with a focus on historically accurate and realistic content. The game will be a single-player experience with branching quest lines and a highly interactive world encouraging emergent gameplay. Kingdom Come will feature period-accurate armor and clothing, combat techniques, and real-world castles recreated with the assistance of architects and historians.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands-
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is an upcoming open world tactical shooter video game in development by Ubisoft Paris and is set to be published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will be the tenth installment in the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon franchise and will be the first Ghost Recon game to feature an open world environment. The game will drop the futuristic setting introduced in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and will feature a setting similar to the original Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon.

Mafia III-
Mafia III is an upcoming open world third-person action-adventure video game developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K Games, scheduled to be released for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2016.[4] It is the third installment in the Mafia series, and the debut title for Hangar 13.

Homefront: The Revolution-
Homefront: The Revolution is an upcoming open world first-person shooter video game developed by Dambuster Studios and published by Deep Silver, and is the sequel to Homefront. The game is set to be released on 17 May 2016 in North America and 20 May 2016 in Europe for Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Dead Island 2-
Dead Island 2 is an upcoming action role-playing survival horror video game developed by Sumo Digital and published by Deep Silver for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game was originally being developed by Yager Development, until Sumo Digital took over development in March 2016. It is the sequel to 2011 video game Dead Island and the third major installment in the Dead Island series. The game’s main storyline is set several months after the events of Dead Island and Escape Dead Island. Unlike its predecessors, which took place on islands as the titles state, Dead Island 2 takes place in locations in California.

Yakuza 0-
Yakuza 0 (龍が如く0 誓いの場所 Ryū ga Gotoku Zero, Chikai No Basho?, lit. “Like a Dragon 0: The Location of Oath”; Chinese: 人中之龍0 誓言的場所) is a prequel to the Yakuza series of video games. It is set in December 1988 in the games’ staple location of Kamurocho, a fictionalized recreation of Tokyo’s Kabukicho and Shinjuku Golden Gai areas. It was released in Japan for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on 12 March 2015,[2][3] with the Taiwanese version released on 14 May 2015.


44 thoughts on “10 Upcoming PS4 OPEN WORLD GAMES to Buy in 2016”

  1. If they can only get Day Z right for console it would be epic, survival, base building, PVP no AI, Zombies, they could learn a lot from the mod servers.. (INS)Gaming.

  2. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a disgrace as a video game. That hurt to watch. You can say it's early alpha and whatnot, but that argument really doesn't hold. The graphics and rendering are appalling, and the facial animations are disgusting. It fucking pains me to see a garbage game like this get recognition it doesn't deserve while other actual quality games are left in the dust.

  3. And why do games find it so damn hard to lip sync the vocals correctly on all in game characters. It's not the 90's anymore this simple detail should have been sorted by now.

  4. Dude. I love this. Thanks. Wow Sleeping dogs looks sexy as f 😉 Sleeping dogs was still WAY better than Watch dogs btw.
    Of course I preordered no mans sky. And Fallout will always be bff <3

  5. mafia 3 is a joke they arent even carrying on from 2 which is retarded and now they have some shit characters that arent even to do with the mafia

  6. Aha kindom come talking animation lol Looks like his lips are going to jump off!The 9th one, WTF is going on? Gangster, pimp, fighting game???8… STOP IT WITH THE  ZOMBIES ALREADY!!! The rest seem ok.

  7. For Deliverance, the people should talk more like Czechs or Bavarians or whatever. They shouldn't sound like Brits and Americans. What would have been so hard about giving them more authentic accents? I understand it is hard to know exactly what a Czech from the 15th century speaking modern English would sound like, but a modern Czech accent still would have felt more authentic than British and American accents. Or they could have had them speaking old Czech and using subtitles. Anyone to dumb to read the subtitles can just go and fuck themselves if you ask me, and those retards probably wouldn't be playing a game like this anyway. Other than that, the game looks cool!

  8. Sorry, but to me, No Man's Sky deserves to be number one. I don't think many people can grasp the sheer size of it. The developers are hiding everything you can do in the game, because they want you to be surprised, unlike the Robo-Dino that probably only happens once in the story.

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