10 Unbelievable and Useful Bathroom Inventions you Need to See in 2017

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1. Nebia Shower https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nebia/nebia-shower-better-experience-70-less-water 2. Looblade …


37 thoughts on “10 Unbelievable and Useful Bathroom Inventions you Need to See in 2017”

  1. the C-Pump really? the same way u push down on it, use the same way to push down on a regular soap pump loll freakin people always try to come up with useless shit

  2. Looblade, how does it get dirt from under the rim, especially the small holes that allow the water from the tank into the bowl itself. When the toilet backs up stuff gets into those holes and causes mold, mildew, ugly black stuff. No one has appaarently been able to make something that can clean and disinfect that part of the loo. Unblock toilets with Dawn Dish detergent and warm/hot water in a bucket, it works really well.
    That shower head looks great, but if you have allergies to Chlorine and need to install a filter how would you do it with that setup?
    Soap pump? use the back of the hand on the other pump, it works just the same. Still no way to do it so you don''t have to touch anything because the technology isn't there yet for sensors.
    Laser razor, how safe is it if held at a different angle? Exfoliating regrowth is softer than shaved regrowth.
    Bathroom – 2nd Floor; Water Tank – Basement therefore it takes a while for hot water to get to the 2nd floor. Have them both in the same area would reduce the time to get hot water. Water tanks need to be flushed regularly. So why is it so difficult to do? Shouldn't the flush valve on a hot water tank be easy to find and use? Shouldn't it be hooked up to the house pipes for elimination instead of relying on a hose to a drain in the basement?
    Homedry? I like it! Dry your hands with air, no more towels!

  3. i have a question about that toilet brush? What if some idiot comes to my toilet and forget to clean? And i dont see it,or someone else?How can you clean that stone from my toilet seat with that gently soft thing? 🙂 Sometimes it takes a lot of power and thats the reason why toilet brush is not changed for 20y..because sometimes you need good old force to clean that shit….ou..and the guy with a beard is selling me razor..wtf?? He said he need my support to put this product on sale..hahah its like diging your nose with gloves on…makes no sence to buy a razor from a man with a big beard….

  4. the turbo thing is a terrible knock off of The Squatty Potty. I have a Squatty Potty and I love it and I don't see any use for people to try to make it better. turbo thing looks uncomfortable as hell

  5. You don't need evodrop and turbo stool..you just shut the shower off when you use the soap and turn it on again when you want to wash up and you can just squat on the toilet

  6. This is showering with a mister !! U never feel clean and washing shampoo and conditioner out of your hair is a frustrating experience! I would never buy this . I'm sorry but it's the truth .

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