💙 The best Judge Judy episodes of 2017 #50

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32 thoughts on “💙 The best Judge Judy episodes of 2017 #50”

  1. Sorry, I've heard a million times when people say "don't tell your kid to fight back". If the school can solve the problem, then fine. But the school isn't on the school bus. The school isn't always there. And once you let a bully take advantage, they never stop. So these people who are adamant about not fighting back – I cannot always agree.

  2. Second case: I can't stand a professional victim a.k.a. that guy's girlfriend baby mama what the hell else you want to call it. She said she ruined my family. You're an idiot lady the only thing that ruined your family was the piece of shit man you gotten on your arm and can't let go of. Hate when a person tries to blame someone else for their problems instead of the one that actually caused the problem. Nobody made him go off and have any kind a relationship with her.

  3. I agree with Judge Judy and I agree with the first mom. The kid should not have hit the kid in school. He should have told him, "you have a problem? Let's do this after school." If the kid doesn't want to fight, that's that.
    Bullies usually leave kids alone if you call them out.

  4. That stoopid woman in the first case was such an irritating specimen. Typical entitled moron, she was a smart Alec who looks like a bully, gave her kid bad advice claiming it was cuz parents r tired of their kids being bullied. Well ya know what moron, the general public is fed up with idiot parents like u bringing up bratty kids thinking u have the right to teach your child the world owes them something. Idiot!!!

  5. My son was pushed down in the lunch room by a girl. He did nothing in return. The school said that because of zero tolerance, my son would be suspended also. The principal did not think it was fair that my son would have a suspension on his record even tho he did nothing, but there was nothing they could do about it. So, I know that even if a kid does not fight back, they will be suspended also.

  6. Just a case of one boy who is probably bullied and harassed goes to a kid who he thinks is weaker and harass them. It's a sad cycle and honestly both boys would probably make fantastic best friends as they likely both have a hard time with their peers. 🙁

  7. sticks and stones…. so why is it against the law to call someone a nigger or a jew cunt if words are so unoffensive? Wars have started because of words; sometimes "judge judy" is a stupid cunt in what she says and this is one of them.

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