💙 The best Judge Judy episodes of 2017 #46

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46 thoughts on “💙 The best Judge Judy episodes of 2017 #46”

  1. IMO, JJ is way off base in the first case of the car damages. When the young man agreed to drive the girl home, he assumed control of the vehicle and should be held responsible. Bad call, Judge.

  2. What's wrong with people why did people laugh when he said his jobs making pizzas? Some serious job snobs in that audience and judge Judy mocking him for his line of work was uncalled for and pathetic he may have been a dick but since when does mocking someone for having a honest job become acceptable?

  3. why do these women make such horrible choices for boyfriends? dang, I think part of it is, that the guys tell them what they want to hear and the women hope it's true. use better judgement ladies, ask your brother, friend another guy what they think of him and LISTEN!!

  4. i do not believe that in first case the judgement was fair. The guy was smartass and he had no licence and he lies in terms if timing when he crashed the car. The girl should have received the full amount.

  5. Judge Judy told the defendant: Continue making pizzas!
    OR how about go to a farm to plant & pick lettuce, spinach, strawberries, oranges, etc….along side the illegal immigrants whom are already employed by white owned companies? Take over their jobs & push the illegals out! Don't ask for any pay raise either.

  6. This country won't get better. Why are these young folks getting drunk & flipping vehicles? Is it something that humans grow out of? Or could it be depression from the world that they are old enough to view……led by so-called adults?

  7. I don't know why I torture myself by watching Judge Judy. She's the dumbest judge on the planet. She puts down people for no reason. And she obviously doesn't know how insurance company's and Bank's operate. This young ladies credit score is on the line and the Judge doesn't see that.

  8. why is it so hard for ppl not to drink if you're drving!! I've had lot of time off class to hear dui presentations in my schools :/

    both japanese and america schools i went did it. i doubt its hard to miss these talk about ppl who ruined other's life because of their stupidity

  9. I solsold a car, the guy drove it halfway acrossacross US. Broke down, Car got impoimpounded. They sasaid was StillStill in my name! Charging 3900.00! I explained I solsold it! They knknew his name! But said was StillStill in my name, And I told them KEEP IT! THEY SAID NO, KEPT SENDING BILL TO ME FROM ARIZONA, GOING UP N UP! HARRASSMENT!

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