💙 The best Judge Judy episodes of 2017 #27

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43 thoughts on “💙 The best Judge Judy episodes of 2017 #27”

  1. There is no reason to walk around with your teeth looking horrid. Sure, there is a handful of models who do sport a gap. But, this lowlife cow is not attractive at all. WHO MATES WITH THESE HIDEOUS WOMEN???????>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. what a great mother in the frist case……… NOT! she said "if the girl didn't say what what she said about my daughter then she won't have to fight" are you serious!? she's condoling this violence. And judge Judy saw right through them. The mother should be ashamed of her self, and just because someone called you something (regardless if it's true or not) you don't act that way!! They set that girl up, and that young girl should be ashamed of her self.

    I hope the daughter learned from this, because if not she'll end up in jail.

  3. Im not American, so i am probably missing something.

    The H word ? What is that ? Hag is the only thing i came up with, and while "offensive", i would not call that a very "hard hitting" insult to a young teen (i can see it being offensive to a 50+ year old).

    Unless she cant spell, and what she was trying to say was the W word for whore ? (which makes a lot more sense to me at least).

  4. many will tell you that being in a relationship during recovery is not a plus. If it was to fail, you could revert to your old ways of dealing with it and lose the sobriety that you have achieved. I've seen it happen time and time again.

  5. lol I feel bad for that rebbeca chick like its her fault but shit having to pay for rehab, the car damages and cant work coz the head injurie thats a tough tickle and how that chick said the letter wasn't sincere like you could read it in her face that she was sorry…

  6. First case: "I hope we can get trough this and handle it maturely", ffs bitch. You assaulted someone for hear say and lured her in, do you really have no sense of realism? Omg, how stupid can you get?

  7. wish she would have given more a lecture to the white teen girl as well, if she knows teens then she'd definitely know that girl dogged Ashley on so in a way deserved what was about to happen

  8. For some reason, I felt very saddened with the drunk girl case. I'm not a drunk nor do I associate with people that have those problems (as far as I know) but you can tell her drinking is taking a devastating toll on her life. You could tell the Judge was feeling that.

  9. "Handle it maturely" – commeing from the daughter of a woman who thrught it was ok to assult someone because they "trash talked" you. I dont think you would recognize mature if it hit you in the face. It seemed as if she learned nothing form her preavious actions.

  10. "You know when teens are lying??? When their mouths are open." Judge Judy & I know how teenagers are, I have grown kids & teenage grankids also….They Lie!!!

  11. The young girl who lost a tooth due to fighting is very pretty which is why that little fob bitch attacked her, jealous paranoid & behaving like a true fob does & as for her idiot mother, coconut doesn't fall far from the coconut tree lol

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